Main Heating / Cooling Gas Heater

Gas Heater AKOG AKOG-3-CP

Manufacturer AKOG

Type: Wall mounted
Recomended Area: 25-35 მ²
Max Output: 3 kW
Combustion Chamber: Hermetic
Consumed Gas Type: Natural Gas
Max Consumption: 0,33 m³/h
Country of Origin: Ukraine


Warranty 2 years


High quality and safe Ukrainian gas heater with Italian switch mechanism.

Item not available
609 GEL

Product Features


Wall mounted

Recomended Area

25-35 m²

Max Output

3 kw

Combustion Chamber


Consumed Gas Type

Natural gas

Max Consumption

 0.33 m³/h

Additional functions

Automatic inflammation;
Protection against coinciding;
The heater does not use the room air.

Combustion Chamber

Enameled Metal



Country of Origin