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Car refrigerator ADLER AD8078

Manufacturer Adler

Designed for travelers who like to drink cold drinks even while camping. The portable car refrigerator has a volume of 28 liters. Thanks to the special thermal insulation of its body, it is possible to maintain a stable temperature.

Savings 40 GEL
259 GEL 299 GEL
Or Bank Installment

* გთხოვთ შეგვატყობინოთ, როგორც კი დაგიმტკიცდებათ განვადება, რადგან დროულად მოვახერხოთ ინვოისის გაგზავნა ბანკში

Product Features

Volume 28 l
Cooling system: Peltier cell
2 functions: cool and warm
Power selector: DC 12V / AC 220-2400V
Low power consumption mode
Isolation of special C5H10 cyclopentane
Wall insulation thickness 20-25 mm
Constant temperature in the cooling chamber 16-20°C lower / higher than the environment
Comfortable handle
Climate class SN/N
Includes cables to connect the cooler to a DC 12V cigarette lighter in the car and to an AC 220-240V socket
AC 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz Power supply: heating power 50W / cooling 55W
DC 12V power supply: heating power 40W / cooling 45W
Noise level: 55 dB
External dimensions: 43.5 cm x 39.6 x 29.7 cm
Internal dimensions: 35.2 (high) x 23.0 bottom / 24.8 top (length) x 32.0 bottom / 33.8 top (width)
• For optimal cooling performance, pre-chilled food must be placed in the cooler. Cooling time for previously uncooled products is 2-3 hours.
• The heating function makes it possible to maintain the temperature of previously heated products longer (the cooler is not used to heat cold products).
• Proper use of the device allows maintaining the proper temperature of the product for several hours.
Add-on Type: Car / C