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Kitchen mixer Kenwood KMX750BK

Manufacturer Kenwood
  • The mixer of the Kenwood kMix series will make you feel like a real chef and master of the kitchen
  • It will help you to prepare all your dishes easily, deliciously and easily
  • The total volume - 5 l will meet all your requirements. It mixes, whips and kneads the dough.
  • Beating sticks - K-shaped mixer, whisk and kneading stick
  • Power - 1000W power is more than enough for even the most demanding tasks
  • Easily adjustable power.


Savings 340 GEL
1059 GEL 1399 GEL
Or Bank Installment

* გთხოვთ შეგვატყობინოთ, როგორც კი დაგიმტკიცდებათ განვადება, რადგან დროულად მოვახერხოთ ინვოისის გაგზავნა ბანკში

Additional accessories

Price in Total 1198.00 GEL

Product Features

Brand: Kenwood
model: KMX750BK
power: 1000 W
Volume: 5 l
Features: Dough kneader, whisk
Color: black

- K-shaped mixer

- Whipping blade

- Dough kneader

- 5 l volume metal sum



Height 38.5 / width 24 / depth 35.5