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Grinder DeLonghi KG89

Manufacturer DeLonghi
  • Coffee grinder DeLonghi KG89 perfectly grinds coffee and preserves its aroma. The most delicious coffee is made from freshly ground coffee
  • 12 levels of grinding adjustment - customers choose this model, it can grind coffee for all tastes
  • 120g container of coffee beans = 12 cups of ground coffee for ideal results
  • The 110W motor is highly efficient and provides ideal grinding quality
  • The ground coffee reservoir is transparent. It is possible to grind 2 to 12 cups of coffee according to your desire
  • For safety reasons, the coffee machine automatically shuts off after the specified amount of grinding
  • Reliable, safe and quality Delong grinder - with the help of the DUAL SAFE function, if you want to remove the container of beans or the tray of ground coffee from the device, the device will automatically stop working.
  • The device is easy to disassemble which makes cleaning/maintenance easier
  • The body is made of black plastic with stainless metal inserts, which makes it more durable.

Warranty - 2 years

Savings 74 GEL
175 GEL 249 GEL
Or Bank Installment

* გთხოვთ შეგვატყობინოთ, როგორც კი დაგიმტკიცდებათ განვადება, რადგან დროულად მოვახერხოთ ინვოისის გაგზავნა ბანკში

Product Features

  • Model KG89
  • Brand DeLonghi
  • Management type - electronic
  • Grinding adjustment +
  • Grinding adjustment levels 12 steps
  • Case material - plastic + stainless metal inserts
  • Warranty - 24 months manufacturer's official warranty

Features: maximum number of coffee grinds for 12 cups;

removable container for easy maintenance;

stainless metal grinding knife;

anti-slip stand;

Color - black

The volume of the container of coffee beans is 120 g.

Power 110 W

Complete set: coffee grinder; cleaning brush; instruction; Guarantee

Country of manufacture - China

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