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Built-in dishwasher Electrolux ETM43211L white 9 - 10 persons

Manufacturer ElectroLux

inverter motor



AirDry - the washing machine automatically after the end of washing and drying by means of technology

Removes the door, which provides protection against bacteria and unpleasant odors.


Quick Lift technology makes it easy to place dishes on the rack.


Full touch control panel

Warranty 5 years (in case of registration on the brand website)

Savings 100 GEL
1699 GEL 1799 GEL
Or Bank Installment

* გთხოვთ შეგვატყობინოთ, როგორც კი დაგიმტკიცდებათ განვადება, რადგან დროულად მოვახერხოთ ინვოისის გაგზავნა ბანკში

Product Features





Dimensions (height, width, depth):

82 x 45 x 55


3 years

Maximum placement:


Energy consumption class


Noise level:

44 decibels



Washing mode:

  • 30 minutes - fast
  • 60 minutes - fast
  • 90 minutes - standard
  • 160 minutes - standard
  • Auto AUTO
  • self-cleaning
  • ECO mode - 4 hours
  • preliminary examination

Additional features:

  • Using the EXTRA POWER function, we can wash relatively heavily soiled pans and pots at high temperatures
  • The AUTO program automatically selects the optimal time and washing mode according to the number of dishes loaded and the level of soiling.
  • ECO mode - 4 hours consumes 50% less energy than the standard program - 0.821 KW
  • The function for glasses will reduce the temperature change to a minimum, which protects us from even small cracks.
  • The possibility of changing the height of the second shelf, even with already placed dishes
  • internal lighting
  • Water leakage protection system
  • Salt and polish level sensor

  • AIRDRY - the system closes the door immediately after the washing mode is finished, so that through the air flow, we get perfectly dry dishes at the end of the wash.
  • A special satellite jet, located at the lower level, dries fat 3 times more efficiently with a two-way movement. And on the right side, there is a special zone, which is intended for the pan-cauldron, and the jet with an additional delay of 1 second removes the grease from our dishes more effectively:
  • The third shelf, which is intended for placing a knife and fork, can be used for washing dishes
  • The dishwasher has the perfect brackets for fixing glasses

Country of manufacture: